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Mg Clean Adelaide is a domestic and office cleaning business that services eastern and southern Adelaide. We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch cleaning services for your home or office.

Our staff take pride in doing excellent work and in exceeding your expectations, at very affordable prices.

We carefully screen all of our cleaners so you can rest assured that your home will receive the absolute highest quality of service.

Located in the Adelaide hills, and servicing the eastern and southern suburbs of Adelaide, we are the one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

You do the relaxing and leave us to the cleaning.

The benefits of hiring MG Clean Adelaide; trained employees, fully insured, pay online with ease, no contacts or hidden fees, transparent, flat-rate pricing, or pay by the hour.

MG Clean Adelaide was founded in 1991, by MacKella Giles and has been providing quality cleaning services to the public ever since.

Cleaning packages to suit your individual needs.

Selling? Then look no further. We can do all the hard work for you. From a thorough house clean to cleaning up the yard and garden.

Obligation free quotes.

A leader in Adelaide’s cleaning industry Since 1991.

Why choose us

Our Mission

We believe very strongly that providing second-to-none customer service is the gateway to success for a home cleaning service. We want to WOW you with awesome treatment. We want to build a long-standing relationship with you. We want to create a great customer experience for you. If you have questions, we answer them quickly. No exceptions. It’s as simple as that.

All our teams always uphold the highest values of professionalism and ethics. They all have fantastic service etiquette and are highly experienced in cleaning procedure. That way, every customer receives the same outstanding quality for every service we provide.

Why Should You Trust MG Clean?

There are many different cleaning services in Adelaide, so why should you choose us? We’re one of the top rated Adelaide-based cleaning services and have worked with HUNDREDS of clients over many years!

One of the most important services we offer is time. If you do not have to clean, you have time to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Each of our cleaning professionals endures rigorous vetting, in-person interviews and identity checks. Our professionals are ready to exceed your expectations by going the extra mile to clean your residence or facility and guarantee your satisfaction. We offer the most advanced cleaning services in the Adelaide area.

Once a job is completed, our professional’s work is reviewed and rated. You don’t have to worry about fumbling through your wallet to make the payment once the job is complete – payments can be performed seamlessly online.

Customer satisfaction is what we are about here at MG Clean. We are skilled and ready to amaze you with our cleaning skills.

Getting Things Done

We take care of your cleaning needs in three simple steps: 1) Just book, 2) watch our cleaners make your place look brand new, and 3) RELAX and enjoy your clean home (maybe sip some nice wine too!)

Once you book us for the services you need, we come and clean while you relax. Our professionals arrive on time and complete the required tasks in a timely manner.

Special Events

Are you planning a special event in your home or facility? We know how to clean your home or other location to make your guests marvel and admire what you have done with your place. Although we do not offer decorating services, we clean and sanitize everything and give you a nice palette to begin decorating your masterpiece.

Specialist Cleaning

MG Clean is your one stop cleaning shop. Not only do we clean commercial and domestic properties, we have contracts with a number of Adelaide’s most prestigious builders, cleaning award winning homes and additions.

MG Clean is a specialist in post construction and final building cleaning in Adelaide and surrounding areas.

If you are a builder looking for an efficient workforce to perform the final clean before handover, look no further, and call us at MG Clean to discuss your businesses requirements.


High dust removal from ceiling, vents, light fixtures, etc.

Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces.

Cleaning of cubicles, the insides of cabinets and wardrobes.

Cleaning of glass partitions.

Full sanitizing of kitchens (cupboards in/out, bench tops and splash back cleaning, door frames and light switches wiped over, Skirting boards wiped over, wall marks removal and dusted)

Full washing of bathrooms (shower screen cleaning, shower recess, fittings and glass cleaned, toilets, floors vacuumed and mopped)

Floor cleaning

Cleaning window sills and window frames

Terms of Service

Eco-friendly products

Select eco-friendly products are available upon request!

Flat Prices

All prices are flat rates based on how long it takes to clean the 95% of our homes. Most of our cleanings are completed well before the maximum time limit. However, some homes require extra attention to provide a complete cleaning service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with any part of your service we will return to your home to re-clean the area/task. This will not apply if you are home upon completion. If you are home and notice that the cleaner overlooked something please don’t keep it to yourself! Feel free to ask them to re-clean the area or call our office before the cleaner leaves your home.

Appointment Arrival Time Windows

If you wish to be present during the cleaning visit, please be advised that we provide arrival windows of about 30 minutes, such as between 9am – 9:30am or 10am – 10:30am. Many things can affect our schedules, such as cancellations, lockouts etc. If we happen to be running late to your appointment you will be contacted as soon as possible and provided with a new expected time of arrival.


We love our crews and want to watch out for their safety, so they do not use tall ladders or move any heavy furniture. These types of activities put maids in danger of back injury or could even damage something in your home such as scratches on your wood floors. If you would like us to clean behind appliances (such as behind or under refrigerators, ovens, sofas, or other furniture), please move it prior to the cleaning visit to allow access to the area.

Pets and Minors

While the crews will do the best they can to be aware of the Customer’s pets/minors, the Customer will be responsible for watching and managing any minors or pets during the cleaning process.

Lock Outs

A $30 fee will be assessed in the event that our cleaning associates arrive and are unable to access the premises. This fee is in place to cover expenses they incur for lost travel time and fuel.

Late Cancellations

Any appointment cancelled less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee. To the same effect, if a cleaning is cancelled or rescheduled by us without reasonable notice we will provide a discount to the client for the cleaning job.

Changes To Requested Services

Any changes to the Service to be provided must be agreed by MG Clean prior to the Service Time. If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the Service is being performed, the Customer must first contact by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional services in its absolute discretion. The Cleaner is not authorized to agree to any changes to the Service being provided. The Customer must not request such changes directly from the Cleaner. All communication has to go through our office.

Job Quotations

The actual price payable by the Customer is calculated on the total number of rooms in the household. Any price quoted by MG Clean is an estimate only based on MG Clean’s experience, without inspection, and based on information provided by the Customer. If when the crew gets to the job and it is apparent that the actual cost of the Service will exceed the quote provided by MG Clean (i.e. more bedrooms than originally reported, actually a Move In/Move Out job, etc.), MG Clean will provide the Customer with the option to pay an increased fee to complete the Service, or pay the quoted amount without the Service being completed.

Payment Terms

The Customer agrees to pay the price quoted by MG Clean in full prior to the Service Time, unless otherwise agreed in advance with MG Clean. If no payment has been made by the Service Time, MG Clean will use reasonable endeavors to contact the Customer for payment. In the event that MG Clean cannot contact the Customer or payment is not made by the Service Time, the Customer will be deemed to have cancelled the Service, and the Customer must pay any cancellation fees. Payments may be made via credit card.


This Agreement may be terminated by the Customer by providing at least 24 hours notice prior to the Service Time. MG Clean may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the Customer is in breach of this Agreement.

Customer Representations and Warranties

The Customer represents and warrants that: it will provide a safe working environment at the Premises for the Cleaner to perform the Service; the Cleaner will have unencumbered and unobstructed access to those areas of the Premises requiring the Service; it will provide the Cleaner with access to all services and utilities (including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins) as required by the Cleaner to provide the Service; it will advise MG Clean prior to the commencement of the Service of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers, ingrained dirt, grease or grime at the Premises; it is authorized to use the Premises and obtain the provision of Service; if the Customer requires the Cleaner to clean behind or under any heavy items (e.g. a fridge, bookshelf, or other furniture), it will move those items prior to the commencement of the Service; and it will secure or remove any fragile, delicate, breakable or valuable items, including cash, jewelry, works of art, antiques, or items of sentimental value prior to the commencement of the Service.